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March 21 : The D-Lab is highlighted in GCEP's newsletter. Read the interview with Jen here.

March 17 : Hadiseh's paper is published in Physical Review A! Article: "Parity-time-symmetric plasmonic metamaterials"

March 10 : Jen presented at UIUC's Materials Science colloquium. Thank you, Prof. Cecilia Lea for hosting me and organizing a fun and stimulating visit!

March 8 : Jen, Diane, and Justin participated in the Physics of Sustainable Energy Conference at Berkeley - a lively discussion on next-generation renewable energy technologies. Thank you Barbara and Rob for the invitation to share our work on solar upconversion!

February 27 : Hadiseh's paper is published in Physical Review B! Article: "Non-Hermitian nanophotonic and plasmonic waveguides"

February 6-9:The D-Lab hits the slopes at our third annual Tahoe ski trip. Thanks to Andrea for organizing the trip!

February 5: Jen presented an invited talk at Photonics West on Broadband Metamaterials.

January 24: Jen presented an invited talk at the CIFAR-funded workshop on 'Energy, Biology, and Technology.' Thanks to Ted Sargent for hosting a very stimulating workshop!

January 22: Congratulations to Tarun for passing his qualifying exam! Not more than an hour later, he was back on the TEM!

January 8-10: The D-Lab completes another successful bootcamp!

January 6: The Dionne lab welcomes new members Alice Lay and Shing-Shing Ho!

December 23: Jen receives the PECASE! Thank you, DOD and NSF!

December 12: Jen and Ashwin presented at the second annual SCHWAMI Stanford-Chalmers workshop in Sweden. Thanks, Eva and Bob for organizing this workshop!

December 9: Ashwin gave a poster on nanoscale optical tomography, and Jen presented on our group's up conversion work at the Next-Gen PV conference in Erlangen. Thanks, Silke, for organizing a wonderful conference!

December 2-4: Jen presented two invited talks at MRS on our group's work on PT symmetry and up conversion! Thanks, Ashwin, Michael, Diane, Hadiseh, and Brian for the great results!

December 1: Jen was awarded the inaugural Kavli early career award in nano science!

October 11-21: Jen gave invited presentations at Harvard and Rice. Thanks, Marko and Isabelle for organizing my visits!

October 1: The Dionne lab welcomes new postdoctoral fellows, Yang Zhao from UT Austin, and Guru Naik, from Purdue. It's great to have you on board!

September 23: The Dionne lab welcomes new rotation students, Isaac Kauvar, Alice Lay, and Shing-Shing Ho! Welcome to Stanford, guys!

September 20: Jen attends the Materials and Optics Workshop at the University of Oregon, and presents an invited talk on our group's latest research. The science was so engaging, she may almost cheer for the ducks this fall.

September 19: New freshman arrive on campus! Jen introduces them to nano tech with her NSO lecture, "Global Challenges, Nanoscle Solutions." Welcome, freshman!

September 15: Jen presented an invited talk at the Metamaterials Conference in Bordeaux. Thank you, Andrea Alu, for the invitation and for organizing a great conference!

August 30: Our summer intern Kevin presented his summer research on mechanically-tunable metamaterials at Stanford's REU poster session. Congratulations, Kevin!

August 21: Jen gave an invited presentation at the OSA's incubator meeting on quantum plasmonics. Many thanks to the organizers, including Garnett Bryant, Edo Waks, and Joachim Krenn!

August 9: Our high-school teacher intern, Jenny, presented her summer project at the ISMEE gathering. Congratulations, Jenny!

August 6: Sassan's paper is published in Nano Letters Article: "A Metafluid Exhibiting Strong Optical Magnetism"

August 1: Our research is highlighted by Oprah on her "Wow List" Article: "50 things that will make you say 'Wow!'" We're #24, even beating Smitten ice-cream!

July 30: Andre and Tarun presented their research at the DOE SCGF conference, held at SLAC and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs!

July 30: Jen instructed a course on quantum plasmonics at the third Summer School on Plasmonics, held in Cargese, France. Thank you, Nicolas Bonod, for organizing a fantastic week!

July 19: Jen gave an invited talk at Spectra Physics. Thank you, Alan, for the invitation and lab tour!

July 15: Jen instructed a course on plasmonics for medicine at Stanford's Medical Youth Summer Program (SMYSP). Congratulations to all summer high-school students who graduated from SMYSP!

June 30: Diane was selected to attend the 2013 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting on Chemistry! Congratulations, Diane!

June 15: Our broadband metamaterial design is featured on the front page of reddit with nearly 3900 up-votes! One redditor says: "You just made me more excited about a technology I hadn't known about 5 minutes ago, than I've ever been at any technology ever." Congratulations, Ashwin, Aitzol, and Hadiseh, and thanks, Reddit!
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June 10: Aitzo's paper is published in Physical Review B! Article: "Surface-enhanced circular dichroism spectroscopy mediated by nonchiral nanoantennas"

June 5: Jen delivered the inagural Leonardo Art/Science (LASER) talk at Berkeley. Thank you, Piero, for organizing an outstanding gathering!
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June 4: Dennis Kwon from Mythbusters gave a presentation on "Mythssion Impossible" to Jen's Science of the Impossible Class. Thanks, Dennis, for an inspiring lecture!

May 10: Jen delivered an invited seminar at Caltech. Thank you, Keith, for the invitation!

April 29: Jen presented an invited talk on upconversion at SPIE DSS in Baltimore. Thank you, Kimberly, for the invitation!

April 19: Jen was selected to deliver the Magicus lecure at Cornell. Thank you Christian and Carol for being such gracious hosts!

April 13: Jen and Andre attended SUPR - Stanford's Photonics Retreat - in beautiful Napa! Thank you, SUPR team, for the invitation to present!

April 12: Jen was invited to deliver the Nano Seminar at Berkeley! Thank you, Avi, for planning my visit!

April 4: The D-Lab takes on MRS SF! Jen gives an invited talk in the quantum plasmonics session, while Michael, Andrea, Jon, and Hadiseh present their work on upconversion, catalysis, PT-symmetric metamaterials, and electron tunneling in plasmonic systems. Congratulations also to poster presenters Ashwin, Diane, Justin, Aitzol, and Sassan!

March 29: Justin's paper is publised in Journal of Applied Physics! Article: "Narrow-bandwidth solar upconversion: Case studies of existing systems and generalized fundamental limits"

March 27: Jen gave an invited talk at Argonne National Lab. Thank you Elena for the invitation and awesome visit!

March 19: Ashwin and Aitzol's paper on design of broadband metamaterials is publised online in Advanced Optical Materials! Article: "A Broadband Negative Index Metamaterial at Optical Frequencies"
Stanford Engineering Commentary

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Featured Research

I. Parity-time-symmetric metamaterials:

Inspired by insights from quantum mechanics, Hadiseh Alaeian has designed a new "parity-time-symmetric" plasmonic metamaterial that exhibits highly unusual unidirectional refraction, reflection and transmission coefficients that are both simultaneously greater than unity, and photonic Bloch power oscillations. This new metamaterial could be used to design lossless "perfect lenses" for optical imaging well below the diffraction limit of light, and well as unidirectional invisibility cloaks and new non-reciprocal nanophotonic devices. Her results are published in two articles, now available in Physical Review.

II. A Metafluid exhibiting strong optical magnetism:

In a recent Nano Letters, Sassan Sheikholeslami, Hadiseh Alaeian, and Ai Leen Koh describe protein-directed synthesis of a metamaterial fluid. The fluid exhibits an emergent magnetic response at visible frequencies, despite being composed of entirely non-magnetic building blocks. Their metafluid could enable new liquid-based tunable refractive index media with positive, negative, and near-zero refractive indices.

III. Surface enhanced circular dichroism spectroscopy:

Circular dichroism (CD) spectroscopy is a powerful technique in chemistry, molecular biology, and pharmacology, but it's sensitivity is limited. Chiral specimens exhibit a differential absorption of circularly polarized light that is orders of magnitude smaller than their absorption of unpolarized light. In a recent Physical Review B, Aitzol Garcia-Etxarri theoretically demonstrates how non-chiral nano-antennas can be used to enhance circular dichroism spectroscopy. The key is to use antennas that exhibit both electric and magnetic dipoles. This theory may form the basis for new solution or surface-enhanced CD spectroscopies with few-molecule sensitivity.

IV. A broadband negative index metamaterial at optical frequencies:

In the cover article of Advanced Optical Materials, Ashwin Atre, Aitzol Garcia-Etxarri, and Hadiseh Alaeian describe the mathematical design of the most broadband metamaterial to date, characterized by negative indices across hundreds of nanometers in the visible and near-infrared spectrum. Their results illustrate the power of transformation optics for designing new metamaterials and metasurfaces, and provide a foundation for future broadband superlenses, cloaks, or optical isolators.

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